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ABOUT THE BOOK - What I want my Child to know about Growing Money Trees

I congratulate you for getting a copy of this book. In it, you will discover all you need to know and do in order to
manifest a fruitful life; a life of meaning and purpose; of genuine opulence and happiness. This is the unfailing
promise! If you ever desire true wealth, you now hold the right tool.

Anyone can become wealthy that is willing to follow the basic principles of industry and frugality; the two main pillars that stand the frame of prosperity. This is the core message of Growing Money Trees.

In the series of What I Want My Child To Know, this book is the third. It comes in six reader-friendly chapters. Each chapter begins with a key message; a success principle you need to know, then the steps you must take, and finally, a call to action.

Chapter one deals with the fundamental law of sowing and reaping, the natural way to generate the abundance seed; the so called start-up capital; how to plant it, nurture it, protect it, until it grows to become the fortune you always desire.

Chapter two gives you the basic mindset of all wealthy people; the thought pattern that attracts prosperity and
opulence.  It  shows  how  greatness  is  attained  and 
sustained, and the fact that you carry the capacity to become  a  legend  in  whatever  career  you  pursue.  It explains and illustrates the pathway to greatness.

Chapter three, the Miracle of Imagination, describes how you can form the mental model, the vision and
conception of
the kind of life you truly want. It shows the pain-free way to matriculate from poverty to prosperity.

Chapter four tells you how the forest is made up of many trees, and that, to become wealthy in the class of a
billionaire, like the forest with a single tree, a single line of business is not adequate. It shows you how to start with one business, make it thrive without you, and then, you get the way to create many more businesses that grant torrential streams of income. You also discern the proven technique of multiplying your income without expanding your efforts.

Chapter five, the way to wealth, you will learn about the seven inspiring stages to financial freedom. You are then
led to establish the stage you currently operate. Finally, you see the ascending stairs that take you onward and
upward to higher stages that hold better promise. You also get to enjoy the amazing Parable of climbers.

Chapter six puts all the earlier chapters together in a concise, memorable and practical manner that allows the core message to penetrate and invigorate. You walk away anew, refreshed and empowered.  

While  wishing  you  the  best  of  luck  in  this  exciting adventure, let me remind you that this book is not a novel. You will, therefore, do well to accord the principles and their applications the measure of seriousness they deserve and demand. You get only by doing, not by knowing.  The  destiny  of  prosperity  begins  with  its thought, like Emerson so vividly put it;

“Sow a thought, you reap an act';     Sow an act, you reap a habit;
Sow a habit; you reap a character; 
Sow a character, and then, you reap a destiny.”

I, therefore, strongly recommend that you sow today, sow tangibly,  sow  wisely  and  then  take  your  seat  with  a comfortable  knowledge  that  a  bountiful  harvest  will follow by morrow.

I thank you.

  Abib Olamitoye 

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